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Study trip 2017

Interested in joining Horizons and our Study Trip to Palestine in September/October 2017? If yes, read more about the application process below!

For the past three years Horizons has organised yearly study trips to Palestine. This is part of our mission to raise awareness on injustice and exclusion, and to facilitate a platform for intercultural dialogue among youth from different backgrounds.

During the study trip you will meet with Palestinian students, academics, NGO’s, politicians and visit different cities, universities and Palestine’s historical, cultural and religious sites. You will engage in a dialogue with Palestinian students and discuss issues such as politics, religion, identity and the role of youth within our societies.

“When I started my masters in international law, professor Heinsch told us: “You wouldn’t understand anything about international law before going to Palestine and seeing the wall in real life”. So, I did and he was totally right. The wall, the occupation, the oppression is real. Honestly, my life and future perspective changed drastically after my trip to Palestine. The courage in the eyes of those people is one picture in my head I will never be able to remove from my memories.”  Semra (The Netherlands), participant of the Study Trip 2016.

“During my trip to Palestine, I experienced the beautiful culture of the country, walked through the streets of its historic cities, interacted with young minds at the universities and got the opportunity to meet some excellent activists and officials. The experience from the country was psychologically enlightening and is one of the greatest possession i have till date.” Ashutosh (India), participant of the Study Trip 2016.

Please see the short video from our 2014 trip to Palestine!


If you are interested to join our trip, please consider the following requirements:

    • The study trip is organised by and for youth;
    • You believe in our vision and mission;
    • Prior to the study trip, you will take part in a series of workshops organised by Horizons and do some necessary preparatory work in order to develop your competences (attitudes, skills and knowledge) on conflict transformation, cultural sensitivity, intercultural dialogue and more). Please do note that if you are applying from outside the Netherlands, you can join the workshops online.

    • Upon return, you want to contribute to a global network of youth striving for justice and equality, and you are willing to organise at least two activities / events for Horizons. Read here how you can get involved with Horizons. Please do note that you can also organise at least one of the events before the study trip;

    • You are able to speak and to understand English;
    • You are available between a week either in September or October 2017. For exact dates, please send us an email at applications@horizons-international.org.

    • You are willing to pay your own flight, an administration fee of €50 and you are ready to crowdfund €300 once you are selected. See below for more information about the costs.

    • Please do note that we accept applications from all around the world, but you are responsible for arranging your visa (if necessary).

We encourage youth (18-35) from all ethnicities, backgrounds, countries and religions to apply. We aim to compose a diverse group of participants.


Accommodation, most food and travel expenses within Palestine during the program are taken care of by Horizons. Flight tickets and travel from and to the airport are on your own expenses. If selected, we ask for a €50 administration fee. Apart from the administration fee, we expect you to crowdfund at least €300, but of course you can also try to crowdfund all of your expenses (including the crowdfund limit, administration fee and your flight ticket). We will support you in your crowdfunding campaign and we will provide you with sufficient time to raise the money during summer.

Please do not let financial worries prevent you from applying. As we would like everyone to apply for this trip regardless of economic status, we will do our best to guide you towards successful crowdfunding models.

How to apply

To apply, please send us your

      • resume;
      • a short video (unedited, max 3 min) in which we’d like to hear why you should join us for our next study trip to Palestine. In this we would like to see how you’d become involved after the trip, what you think you could add to Horizons and which Horizons’ project you’d like to get involved with as well as what kind of activities you would like to organise with Horizons upon return. We won’t be evaluating the quality of your video, but its content.

You can send your video and resume via email or share it on YouTube privately. Please send in your CV and video at applications@horizons-international.org. The deadline for applications has been extended until 30 June 2017 at 23:59.

Application process

      • We will consider all applications after the deadline on 30 June 2017. Our selection criteria are based on your motivation as presented in the video as well as your commitment to Horizons after the trip. We will also carefully review your CV. As we would like to visit Palestine with a diverse group of students, we will select people from different countries and backgrounds. In addition, we aim to balance between participants with proven organisational skills and participants with a strong motivation yet with smaller record on extra-curricular activities.

      • Depending on the applications, a Skype or phone interview can be part of the selection process. The exact date for interviewing will be announced later.

      • We aim to confirm your participation no later than 15 July 2017. You’ll be able to book your flight in time and you will have sufficient time to raise money for the study trip.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to applications@horizons-international.org!