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About us

Horizons is an international youth movement aimed to promote global justice, equality and intercultural understanding.

Recent events – from terrorist attacks to Brexit and the U.S. elections – show that polarisation and tensions are rising globally. As youth, we see a growing emphasis on the differences between cultures and religions within our complex societies. This has developed into an alarming level of radicalism and intolerance. There is an urgent need to build bridges between individuals and cultures, share beliefs and knowledge. Instead of turning to nationalism and exclusionism, instead of underlining the differences between our us, we embrace the view that we should look for similarities to understand each other.

For this reason, Horizons speaks out against radicalism and exclusionism and seeks to bridge the gap between nations, cultures and religions through dialogue and cooperation. This way, we have a chance to learn more about the world and about our own identities, about ourselves. Horizons aims to find a common ground, to encourage citizens to interact with each other and to create a future for a society based on mutual respect.