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Horizons is an initiative that began during a youth conference in Utrecht (The Netherlands) on 22 March 2014. The conference ‘Opportunities for justice and peace in the Middle-East’ was organized by a joint initiative of multiple youth organizations, and aimed to spread awareness among students about injustice and inequality in the Middle-East. Many interesting lectures and workshops were provided by great speakers from the political, academic and non-profit field, such as Riyad Mansour (Palestinian Observer UN), Michiel Servaes (Dutch Labour Party), Sjoerd Sjoerdsma (Dutch Democratic Party), Dr. Nabil Abuznaid (Head of the Palestinian Mission to the Netherlands), Mieke Zagt (ICCO) and Jeff Handmaker (Professor of International Law).

The youth conference was supported and organized by:

flyerFFIPP (Educational Network for Human Rights in Palestine/ Israel)

Awake International

Jonge Democraten (Young Democrats, youth organization of the Democratic Party in the Netherlands)

Dwars Groen Links (Young Greens, youth organization of the Green Party in the Netherlands)


Apart from these organizations, 15 students from Palestine visited the Netherlands and actively participated at the conference. Their attendance fostered a critical voice during the lectures, as well as intercultural dialogue between them and their European fellows. On the one hand, many Palestinians felt relieved to be able to voice their opinions. On the other hand, European students acknowledged that by understanding another culture or religion, intolerance and discrimination can be reduced. Together, they felt a common purpose to strive for: just and equal societies in Europe, Palestine and on the global level. A new youth movement was born.