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Youth Intercultural Leadership Training Program

Horizons’ Youth Intercultural Leadership Training Program aims to assist youth in developing leadership skills through support and opportunities. The goal is to provide youth from diverse backgrounds the chance to design and develop a community toolkit for intercultural awareness and respect. Horizons will further provide support to youth by increasing their political and social understanding, advocacy, public speaking and decision-making skills through workshops and training.

The Youth Leadership Training Program recently applied as a Project Partner for “Leadership for Change” with CEIPES for Key Action 1: Erasmus Plus. The program coordinator is currently working on the project budget which will ultimately determine the amount needed for program funding. Budgeting is not only essential for running certain aspects of the program successfully but also if Horizons apply for grants and possible fundraising. Once the project budget is developed and approved, the team will move forward with exploring funding sources. If you or anyone you know would be interested in working for humanitarian programs and want to build your skills in budgeting, fundraising or applying for funding this can be a great opportunity!

For more information, or if you wish to get involved in this project, please contact the Project Coordinator, Shah Rukh Khalid.