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Below, you will find a brief description of the projects that are currently running.

Conferences on justice and equality:

In May 2016, a conference ‘Agents of Change: Youth Uniting against Extremism and Exclusionism’ will be organized in the Peace Palace, The Hague. The aim of the conference is to promote equality, justice and mutual understanding, and to have a large social impact to show that we rise up against radicalism and extremism. Many high-profile speakers will be invited, and we aim for a diverse audience. More information will soon be published on our ‘news’ page. Want to know more? Send an email to conference@horizons-international.org

Youth Intercultural Leadership Training Program:

The Youth Intercultural Leadership Training Program teaches skills in the context of intercultural dialogue, justice and equality to youth from different cultural and religious backgrounds through sessions consisting of workshops and small-scale participant-initiated projects. Youth acquire skills such as public speaking, fundraising, event-planning, social media usage, lobbying and so on. As we stimulate youth to become active within their societies, the leadership training program is a means through which our youth movement will constantly grow and become a potential vessel for social change. All these skills are taught in the context of constructing initiatives for intercultural dialogue, justice and equality. For the recruitment of participants, we aim to reach out to youth from diverse backgrounds. Currently, this program is running in the Netherlands. Soon, we want to organize this program in Palestine and other European countries.

High School Intercultural Education Program:

The High School Intercultural Education Program is a tailor-made educational package that is offered to schools in order to facilitate intercultural dialogue between youth from Europe and the Middle East and to raise awareness about issues of injustice and inequality. The package consists of multiple lessons in which topics such as stereotyping, discrimination and diversity are discussed within class. In addition, part of this educational package is a Skype meeting between European and Palestinian youth facilitated by Horizons, guided by a conversation manual, questions and exercises. Currently, we are working on a trial between the Netherlands and Palestine and we are searching for schools, organizations and municipalities to support this initiative.

Campus Projects:

The Horizons campus events aim to raise awareness about injustice and inequality. We try to do so by organizing small scale, accessible and frequent events on university campuses throughout Europe and the Middle East. The main events consist of movie screenings, debates and symposiums. The events will encourage students to become actively engaged in our effort to building bridges between the East and the West. The campus projects allow youth to develop organizational skills on a small-scale. Volunteers that have less time to spend on Horizons will stay engaged with the organization and it is an easy way to recruit new potential volunteers for Horizons at many campuses in the world. Currently, over 20 Universities are joining these events.

Intercultural exchanges and study trips:

In order to connect youth from Europe and the Middle East, we organize study trips to both regions. During these trips, we focus on dialogue and cooperation and exchange of views on politics, religion and culture. Soon, we would like to go beyond Europe and the Middle East, and to organize study trips to different regions as well. We aim to financially cover the main costs, as we want to enable everyone to take part in these trips regardless of economic status. Currently, Horizons organizes one-week study trips to Palestine or to Europe, during which the students focus on political, cultural and social events. We encourage every student to apply for this trip. We also focus on political youth organizations, as it is very likely that they will become our future political leaders.

Stories from the ground

An absence of media coverage occurs in a myriad of places in the world where injustice is experienced on a daily basis. Media diversity is an important aspect in seeking for global peace and justice, therefore Horizons endeavors to contribute to the diversivication of voices being heard in the media. It is against this background that Horizons organizes competitions for promising (student) journalists (or anyone passionate about writing and journalism) to write about what they think the world should know about life in these places. We started off by publishing stories from Gaza, being a very remote place on earth. Read more about this project here.

Horizons Refugee project

Current developments in the Middle-East – mainly Syria and Iraq – resulted in a stream of refugees from those areas. As Daesh (IS), the Assad regime, Shia Militias, the Western coalition and Kurdish forces are involved in heavy warfare the Syrian and Iraqi citizen are the main losers in battle. They lose their lives, families, homes, work and every other basic need in life. Once they arrive in Europe a big challenge lies ahead: Integration. As they face continuing criticism by far-right politicians and their supporters, stability and safety is still far away. Read more about this project here.

Do you want to know more about these projects or do you think we lack important activities that are in line with our mission and vision? Send an email to info@horizons-international.org