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Stories from the Ground – Refugees Are Us

Horizons is starting a photojournalism project about refugees from all over Europe. Initiated by Magheda Ali El Shami, the project is part of Horizons’ Stories from the Ground chapter, which aims to give a voice to those unheard in the mainstream media.

With this project, we aim to give refugees a platform to tell their story first hand, and show that they are people like you and me — not just numbers and data collected by governments. We hope their individual stories can inspire a better conversation about refugees, away from the vilification and dehumanized portrayals by the mass media.

The project will launch in 2017. In order to include as many stories and perspectives as possible, we’re looking for 5 people, from 5 different European countries, to tell a different story of a refugee each week.

The topic: Refugees in [insert name of your city]

Do you want to take part in this project?

If so, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us a photo of a refugee (orientation: landscape) and brief interview of the person portrayed at president@horizons-international.org. Please also attach a motivation letter explaining why you wish to take part in this project.