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Study trip 2016

We recently got back from our third study trip to Palestine. During the study trip, our 24 participants from all over the globe visited several Palestinian cities, universities and cultural and historical sights. During these visits, they met with activists, politicians, ngo representatives and Palestinian youth. Horizons would like to thank the participants for their contribution to our trip to Palestine, which really inspired all of us to continue building bridges between cultures and religions. The 24 participants are now busy with organizing a myriad of different activities in order to raise awareness and inspire change.

During this trip, it once again became apparent that Horizons’ work is important. Instead of turning to nationalism and exclusionism, instead of underlining the differences between our cultures, we believe that promoting justice, equality and intercultural understanding is the answer. We are building bridges instead of walls.

Not been on Horizons’ trip before and interested to know more? Please see the short video from our 2014 trip to Palestine!

Horizons: Global Youth for Justice and Equality is a Dutch-based not-for-profit global youth movement. Horizons works with youth on building just, equal societies by means of intercultural dialogue. While striving for more inclusive and equitable societies, Horizons challenges ahistorical, ethnocentric, paternalistic, and de-politicized patterns of engaging with one another. Merely understanding the root causes of oppression and exclusion is not enough; action and change in how we engage with one another is of crucial importance. Horizons envisions being the voice of youth who speaks out against radicalism and intolerance and calls upon politicians to implement and pursue just policies worldwide.