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What we do


Horizons is a youth movement composed by dozens of volunteers across Europe and beyond. As young people, we often lack the competences and means to shape the society around us. For this reason, Horizons works to build youth’s capacity to act as leaders and change-makers. Through a wide range of masterclasses, workshop and trainings, we engage our volunteers and develop their competences in peace-building, conflict resolution, and intercultural dialogue. We also offer our volunteers the opportunity to facilitate their own activities and share their skills with others. Through our projects, Horizons reaches out to youth outside the organisation in order to create a greater impact.



Connecting youth from different backgrounds is a key pillar in Horizons’ work. We believe that, when given the opportunity to share their experiences and opinions, young people will be able to see past their differences and reach common ground. We also believe that seeing conflict first-hand can have a strong impact in young change-makers’ life and work. For this reason, Horizons organises Study Trips to conflict-affected areas in order to promote intercultural dialogue between young people from different cultures, religions and countries, and to develop youth’s knowledge and skills on how to transform conflict through peaceful means. At the moment, Horizons organises study trips to Palestine; so far we have organised three, and the next one is planned for the second semester of 2017.



Horizons uses online and offline tools to raise awareness about injustice and exclusionism around the world. We also use social media and blogging as a way to reach youth in distant conflict-affected areas, such as Gaza. In 2017, we intend to strengthen our presence online through the collaborative work of our volunteers and facilitate different platforms where young people can share experiences, resources, and support each other’s initiatives.