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For youth

Do you want to become part of a global movement of youth that dares to speak out against injustice and inequality? Do you feel the need to stand up against the rising polarization and intolerance within our societies? Are you interested in promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue, and building bridges between the East and the West? Join HORIZONS!

Horizons is always searching for new youth to join our global movement. We don’t ask for experience or highly developed skills. To join Horizons, there are just two requirements: you must believe in our core principles of justice and equality and you need to be enthusiastic and committed to become part of a rapidly expanding global movement. In return of your commitment, Horizons provides you with the opportunity to develop professional, organizational and social skills and to learn by doing. If you come up with great ideas, we are happy to support you whenever necessary or provide you with workshops to learn a variety of skills. Apart from developing your skills, you will become part of a large network of like-minded international students dedicated to justice and equality. We are an informal and young organization, and we believe that anyone committed to justice and equality can play an important role in our movement.

In what ways can you contribute exactly?

As mentioned above, we are always searching for new people joining our organization. Below, you will find examples how you can contribute to Horizons. However, depending on your skills, time and interest, we will provide you with a role within our movement that suits you most.

First, we are always in need for people with specific skills, such as website building, social media, journalism, communications, marketing, fundraising/ financial skills, design, etc.

Second, you can become part of the committees that organize our projects. Most committees are comprised of international members. However, depending on your place of residence we will inform you about the opportunities for you to contribute.

  • Conference committee: On October 9 2015, a conference ‘Agents of Change: Youth Uniting against Extremism and Exclusionism’ will be organized in the Peace Palace, The Hague. We aim for many high-profile speakers. This committee is searching for a fundraiser. New ideas for high-profile speakers are welcome too.
  • Youth Intercultural Leadership Training Program: This program is currently running in the Netherlands. Our aim is to expand to other countries. Do you want to set up an interesting youth leadership training program in your country? Let us know!
  • High School Intercultural Education Program: A project that connects Palestinian high school students with Dutch high school students through Skype. For this project, we need active members in the Netherlands and in Palestine. There is a lot of potential and interest for this program.
  • Campus Projects: Small scale events at your University to raise awareness about injustice and inequality. Currently, over 20 Universities are joining this project. Yet, we are always searching for new Universities to join, or to expand the activities at a University that is already taking part in this project.
  • Youth exchanges: We will organize a new study trip to Palestine in November, which you can apply for. Are you familiar with youth exchanges? We are also searching for people to organize and guide youth exchanges. This could be an exchange to Palestine, but also to other countries in the world.
  • Board members: Most likely, we will change and expand our Board in November 2015. In addition, we need people to support our Board members in their tasks. Interested in becoming a Board member of Horizons? Send us an email!
  • Your own ideas: Horizons would like to facilitate great ideas and projects that are in line with our mission and vision. If you have a fantastic idea, please share this with us and we will try to facilitate and support you with the organization of your event.

If you became inspired, we’d love to have you on board!

Please send us an email to info@horizons-international.org with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your telephone number
  • At which University you are studying
  • What kind of study you are following
  • A very brief motivation
  • In what way you think you can contribute to Horizons and what kind of project you would like to become involved with

This information will be used to connect you with the right projects and persons.

We hope to hearing from you soon!!